Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement to Ariana Grande on “The Tonight Show”


As the world continued to scratch their heads a bit at the somewhat quick and slightly puzzling engagement of music star Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, the couple decided to cement their relationship status via an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

And yes, Davidson is scratching his head a bit too.

Not only did Davidson confirm to Fallon that the two are indeed engaged, but also admitted that he has gotten some odd responses from friends and fans about the news. “It’s so funny walking down the street, because dudes are walking by and they’re like,” the star told Fallon. “Did you ever see that Derek Jeter commercial, when he was like retiring and everybody just tips their hat? Some dude came up to me and was like, ‘dude, you gave me hope!’ I feel like I won a contest. It’s so sick.”

‘Sick’ doesn’t sound too romantic, but whatever.

The fact is that these two do look awfully in love, having both shared a number of pics on their socials of them enjoying their time with one another.

And hey, in a world filled with so much hate, these two are in love.