Former President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized to Treat Bleeding on His Brain


There is no one quite like former President Jimmy Carter.

Not only is he America’s oldest living president, but he has also battled back from health ailment after health ailment. And now, he finds himself in the hospital once again. On Monday (Nov. 11,) it was announced that Carter had been “admitted to Emory University Hospital to undergo a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain, caused by bleeding due to his recent falls.

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The statement went on to say that the former president is “resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him.”

The surgery to relieve this pressure is scheduled for Tuesday (Nov. 12.)

Just last month, Carter was hospitalized after falling and fracturing his pelvis at his home in Georgia. He also fell at the beginning of October and went home from the hospital with 14 stitches and a scary looking black eye. Yet, the same day, the 95-year-old was back at work, attending a Habitat for Humanity function in Nashville and teaching Sunday School classes at his church.

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You just can’t slow this guy down.

Nevertheless, one might wonder just how much more one person can take. He has fallen a total of three times this year. In May, he fell and broke his hip. He also beat cancer back in 2015.

But if anyone can battle back, it’s him!

Get well Mr. President!