Prince Harry Surprises Crowd by ‘Dragging’ Wife Meghan Markle On Stage in London


People just can’t seem to get enough of Meghan Markle. Prince Harry had a special surprise in store for the crowd a WE Day UK  in London on Wednesday.

The Duke of Sussex invited his wife to the stage and the crowd burst into cheers and applause at the sight of the pregnant Duchess.

According to their website, WE Charity, which the Prince supports, “empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic, sustainable international development model, WE Villages.”  WE Day was created to “empower, educate, and above all, inspire.”

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That’s exactly what Prince Harry did when he shared a powerful speech with the audience in attendance.

“In this room, you see the world for what it is, vibrant, colorful, mixed and full of promise, the Prince began. That is who you are and that is what makes me feel proud to stand in your presence as you tackle the worlds greatest issues. And you know as well as I do, we still got a hell of a lot to do.”

He continued “Your optimism is inspiring—you see opportunities where other people see challenges; you seek solutions when others just focus on problems. You are the most engaged generation in history. You care about values, doing the right thing, and championing the causes that will shape your future.”

Harry went on to speak about climate change being a humanitarian issue, not a political issue.  As he went on, even the mere mention of Meghan’s name sent the crowd into a frenzy.

“As my wife often reminds me with one of her favorite quotes by Martin Luther King Jr., ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,'” he said.

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The Prince concluded by saying, “Keep empathy alive. Ask your friends how they are doing and listen to the answer. Be honest. Take risks. Change your thoughts and change the world and dare to be the greatest generation of all time. I am now going to try and drag my wife on stage.”

And he did.

Meghan, decked out in black jeans and blue blazer, waved to the crowd and gave her hubby a hug, getting the biggest applause of the the night.

“I am with you and we are with you. Now get to work,” Harry said while hugging his wife.