‘Racing Wives’ Samantha Busch Talks About Her Life Both On and Off Set

Samantha Busch to star in Racing Wives reality series on CMT
Photo by Jake Giles Netter/CMT

Samantha Busch has really never been a big fan of reality shows.

Sure, she sometimes finds the time to catch an episode of Real Housewives here and there, and she used to be downright addicted to Jessie James Decker’s reality show in which she starred alongside her footballer hubby Eric Decker. But Busch is a busy woman. Not only is she a business owner and a mother, but she is also wife to NASCAR great Kyle Busch.

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And yes, coincidentally, she is now starring in her own reality show.

Premiering Friday (August 2,) Busch and some of her female NASCAR counterparts are starring in CMT’s new docu-series Racing Wives, which will follow the behind the scenes lives of Busch and a number of NASCAR’s most notable wives, girlfriends and even drivers.

“Honestly, we are five women with some big personalities,” Busch says in a new interview with One Country about the show that also stars Ashley Busch, Amber Balcean, Whitney Ward Dillon and Mariel Lane. “We don’t always have to agree because we are all entitled to having different ways of handling things. But the fact is that we are able to sit down and talk things through, and that’s important.”

It’s also important for Busch to show the ups and downs of life beyond the race track, including being mom to 4-year-old Brexton.

“Brexton is anything but camera shy,” laughs Busch of her little spitfire, who already has his very own Instagram page. “He had a lot of fun with the film crew and he totally lucked out when I realized that we would be filming his birthday party. (Laughs.) Let’s just say I went above and beyond.”

But Racing Wives will also show a little bit of the incredibly painful times that Busch and her family have gone through in recent months, including a recent miscarriage.

“I love that the show will be able to track our happy moments as a family, but it will also show the days following the loss of Brexton’s sister,” she says solemnly. “They were not filming at the time (of the miscarriage,) but they did come back to do some pick up scenes and that’s when we did go into us trying to find some closure after the miscarriage. I think its important for women to see that part of it also.”

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So what do the other NASCAR wives in the garage area think about the show?

“Most of them say they can’t wait to watch it, but yeah, others are a bit apprehensive,” she says. “Hopefully they will watch and like it and eventually come on board.”

Racing Wives premieres Aug. 2 on CMT.