Rebel Wilson Teaching Kids About Tinder and “Adult Cooties” is Everything [Watch]


We all know Rebel Wilson as the hilarious actress from movies like “Pitch Perfect” and “Isn’t It Romantic,” but did you know that Rebel was a kid whisperer too? Or maybe not. The actress put her skills to the test when Ellen DeGeneres had her sit down with some elementary school children on Valentine’s Day.

Rebel talked to the kids about her cool name (Rebel), dating and dating apps like Tinder. After asking the children if they were on Tinder, incidentally they all replied no, the 38-year-old took it upon herself to start them early and show them what it’s all about.

Rebel, who is single, showed her account on Tinder and asked the kids opinions on who she should pick.

“If you click yes, you click on the love heart. But if you want to reject them and say, ‘nah, no thank you,’ because I have high standards because I’m a celebrity, you just click no.”

The first guy got rejected. But the next guy go the thumbs up from the kids. “Yeah, he looks so charming,” the little girl Lily said.

It just got better from there. Rebel inquired about their perfect idea for a date, which included “Hot Chocolate” for Rebel and she asked about cooties and “adult cooties,” before sharing that crystal meth makes people crazy. She’s not wrong.