Reese Witherspoon Wishes Friend Jennifer Garner Happy Birthday With Pretend Pregnancy Video

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For the past two years Jennifer Garner has wished her friend Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday by dressing up in a high school band uniform and playing the saxophone.Well, turnabout is fair play.

Reese took to Instagram to wish Jennifer a happy birthday, but she also shared a video of the two talking about their pretend babies. That’s right, pretend babies.

“Happy birthday to my hilarious friend @jennifer.garner! Here’s to raising our glasses and pretend babies together. What should I name my burrito?? 🌯,’ Reese wrote in her post.

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In the video, the two friends are toasting and drinking wine. That’s when Reese remembers that they shouldn’t be drinking.

“We really shouldn’t be drinking when we’re pregnant. This is a bad idea,” Reese said before they each reached over to feel their stomachs. “Mine’s just a burrito.”

“Mine’s the size of an avocado,” Jen responds.

No, the two ladies are not pregnant. They are just responding to a tabloid cover story that reported both Jen and Reese are expecting babies. The headline revealed that the two friends were experiencing “shock and joy” about the double baby news. When the magazine hit stands, Reese couldn’t help but respond to the nonsense.

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“Hey @jennifer.garner! Can we raise our imaginary babies together?” she wrote.

So naturally, the Big Little Lies star couldn’t help but keep the joke going as she wished her BFF a very happy forty-seventh birthday. It’s all in good fun and proves how outlandish the tabloids can be.

Happy Birthday, Jen!