Ronan Farrow Stands Behind Reporting in New Book “Catch and Kill” — Says It’s “Extensively Fact Checked”


Ronan Farrow is speaking out about his new book, Catch and Kill, which includes his reporting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the story of Brooke Nevils rape allegations against former Today show anchor Matt Lauer.

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Ronan sat down for an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, where he shares his thoughts on the contents of the book. Prior to the interview, Matt Lauer released an open letter in response to the book’s reporting, saying, “In a new book, it is alleged that an extramarital, but consensual, sexual encounter I have previously admitted having, was in fact an assault,” he said, according to Variety. “It is categorically false, ignores the facts, and defies common sense.”

Ronan explains how the information in the book was “extensively fact checked.” “Obviously, in the book, we include his exact thinking without violating any ground rules,” Ronan said. “We had very strict rules about what we could reveal about what conversations we had with many of the sources in the book.”

“The thinking of every person against whom a serious allegation is made, is fully represented in this book. So there’s nothing new there,” Ronan added.

When asked if he talked to Matt Lauer for the book, Ronan replied, “Again, I can’t answer specific questions about that but I can say that Matt Lauer’s thinking that is presented in this letter is in the book and I think that this woman, this journalist, Brooke Nevils presents what I found to be a persuasive response to that. The facts of her case, which are backed by documentation and eyewitnesses, suggest that there was an encounter here that she consistently has described as non-consensual. And she says regardless of what happened before and after that, and how he interpreted that, she said no to a physical act.”

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Ronan goes on to share that NBC had secret settlements and non-disclosures that were struck with women at NBC News years before.

“There were seven non-disclosure agreements, multiple ones of those were with Matt Lauer accusers. This is years before this incident with Brooke Nevils and the firing,” Ronan revealed. “I spoke with senior executives who were told about those earlier incidents.”

Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News, has denied any cover up by NBC News and Matt Lauer has denied any allegations of rape.

Ronan’s Catch and Kill hits shelves on Oct. 15.