Ronda Rousey Is Learning To Live Off The Land On Her “Test Farm”


Homesteading, the practice of living off the land, is growing in popularity. People want to be self-suffecient– growing their own plants, keeping chickens for eggs, or a small beehive. Even people in dense urban areas are trying to reconnect with the land by starting rooftop gardens. So, when a celebrity says they are “starting a farm” it comes as no surprise to us. Of course, you have the money. Who wouldn’t? But very few are going about it as smartly as Ronda Rousey.

Rousey, the former champion MMA fighter and current professional wrestler, wants to eventually live far away from the maddening crowds of the cities and live off-grid. But you can’t just do that without any experience.

“Some people do that, like ‘Yeah, I watched a few YouTube videos,'” Rousey joked while on “Ellen.” “Eventually we want to live off-grid and have our own little mountain. This is kind of our tester.”

Rousey currently has seven chickens, three dogs, and three goats and is learning how to farm. Being able to make mistakes on a small scale is much better than screwing up your year’s supply of crops or losing livestock out where you don’t even have cell reception.

Sure, watch all the videos you can on YouTube, but be like Ronda. Practice before you go live on a mountain.