Roseanne Barr Shares Cryptic Tweets About “Making Restitution” for Her Actions


Ever since she posted that infamous racist Tweet, Roseanne Barr has extended a few apologies and has expressed her regret, but has also continued to like and Retweet other conversations defending her statements.

Now, she’s put out a few more cryptic Tweets about making amends that have people scratching their heads, including one that reads, “Deplatforming— read about it.” 

Another followed shortly after that read, “I’m making restitution for the pain I have caused.” 

It’s currently unclear exactly what “restitution” Roseanne is paying or what her Tweets mean, but we have no doubt the drama is far from over. 

In fact, sources say that the producers of “Roseanne” are in talks of creating a spinoff centered around Darlene’s character and it would not include Roseanne Barr.