Roseanne Barr Has Emotional Reaction To John Goodman’s Support


Roseanne Barr may be leaving the country for Israel, but before she leaves she sat down with Rabbi Shmuley for an episode of his podcast in New York.

Roseanne’s popular sitcom, “Roseanne,” was recently cancelled by ABC after it’s star tweeted controversial tweets about President Obama’s former aide, Valerie Jarrett.

The backlash on social media and from her cast mates that followed, had Roseanne fighting back. “You can’t fight with people to whom nothing matters,” she told the Rabbi. “So I decided, Im just going for the joy.”

When ET asked Roseanne about her reaction to her former co-star, John Goodman’s comments in a recent interview, the comedienne fought back tears.

“I love him,” Roseanne said. “It’s so sweet of him to do that, it’s so nice. Because he does know me.”

John spoke out recently about the show’s cancellation, saying he was devastated and fought a bought of depression. He went on to stand up for his co-star, saying, “I know, I know, for a fact that she’s not a racist.”

When she heard John’s remarks, Roseanne took them to heart. “I cried. My boyfriend was like, ‘Look, look at what he said. I was so happy,” she said choking back tears.