Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Agree to End Ongoing Feud For One Day Only

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been feuding for years. Apparently, according to their video, they’ve been feuding for as long as there have been Jackman’s and Reynolds.’

The two actors have decided to put that feud aside for on day, and one day only. They are calling a truce for a good cause, the #Allinchallenge. The challenge was started by Fanatics.com founder Michael Rubin to help those directly affected by the coronavirus. Michael enlisted the help of A-list celebrities—musicians, athletes, actors and more—to offer up once in a lifetime experiences.

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“For one day and one day only,” Ryan said in the video. “We’ve agreed to agree to not…disagree. And only a pandemic could make that happen

“We’ve agreed to join the All in Challenge,” continued Hugh. “We’ll stop our feud for one day and help sell a different type of drink.”

“Lemonade,” Ryan added.

“All to help food insecurity,” added Hugh.

Ryan and Hugh have agreed to partner up for the challenge. They duo will fly to your house, set up a lemonade stand and help you child sell lemonade to benefit first responders. Think of all the mom’s that will enter to win this fantastic prize.

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Other prizes offered on the side are the opportunity to co-host the Ellen DeGeneres show with Ellen, A walk on role in a Scorsese film with Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert DeNiro, and golfing at Pebble Beach with Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray. All you have to do is donate money to the cause for your chance to win. The more you donate the more entries you receive.

Let’s all enjoy the fact that Ryan and Hugh are not feuding…at least for now.