Ryan Reynolds Wore A Unicorn Costume and Sang “Tomorrow” During a Korean Singing Competition


Last week, Hugh Jackman went on “Good Morning America” and told his BFF Ryan Reynolds that he was a little too thirsty for attention. He was, of course, discussing his total lack of shame while promoting “Deadpool 2” and we’re starting to see what Jackman means.

While in Korea promoting the movie, Reynolds appeared on “King of Masked Singer” as a glittery and joyful unicorn to sing “Tomorrow” from Annie. 

The audience loved it. And honestly, it wasn’t terrible. I’m not sure Blake Shelton would’ve turned around on “The Voice,” but Luke Bryan would’ve said nice things on “American Idol.”

Reynolds said he did not run the performance by Blake Lively beforehand, but he said he daughters think he has a nice voice.