Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Opens Up About Days Following Miscarriage of Baby Girl


On Friday, November 30, NASCAR’s Kyle Busch’s wife Samantha Busch came to her supportive fans with the tragic news that she had suffered a miscarriage. She tearfully shared on her social media pages that despite the grueling infertility treatments that she had gone through over many weeks, she had lost the baby girl she was carrying.

On Sunday, December 2, Busch returned to her social media pages looking refreshed and content, sharing a picture of her, Kyle and son Brexton.

“You boys are my world,” she wrote. “The support and love you have given me this week and every day for that matter is incredible and I’m so blessed to have you both. Being out at the dunes these past few days has been exactly what we needed. Time to grieve and cry but also enjoy some peace and quiet and have fun together.”

The Busch family have long been quite transparent about their struggles to have a baby. The couple even established their own foundation to help others who are battling with infertility. It’s no surprise then that Busch also took the time to thank the fans for all of their well-wishes.

“I can’t thank you all enough for your loving messages and sharing your stories with me to help remind me I’m not alone,” she wrote. “I’m sincerely grateful.”

Our prayers are with the entire Busch family at this time.

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Earlier this week I suffered a miscarriage and we lost our baby girl. On Tuesday afternoon I suddenly began bleeding very heavily and we quickly rushed to the doctor. We had the smallest sliver of hope that she would make it because my cervix was still closed and the doctor believed he saw the sac still in my uterus but was unsure. At this point, he was referring to it as a threatened miscarriage. I then continued to do the blood tests that day and again on Thursday, however, it showed my levels had dropped from over 7000 to 2000 and confirmed the miscarriage. I’m told that over the next few days I will have intense cramping and more bleeding and clots as my cervix opens and releases the rest of our pregnancy. I really can’t even begin to process that she is gone and I won’t be holding our sweet girl in my arms this summer.  We knew in sharing our experience every step of the way and announcing the pregnancy so early that we ran the risk that this could happen, but I wanted to be completely transparent and honest throughout this journey.  My heart hurts more than words can describe. I want to thank all of you for your love and support on our journey to have our baby girl. I promise I will answer your questions and share more updates when we are ready, we just need some time as a family to process all of this. Xo, Samantha

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