NASCAR’s Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Talks About Life After Miscarriage

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Samantha Busch Kyle Busch talk life after miscarriage
Photo courtesy Samantha Busch Instagram

Though the years, NASCAR’s Kyle Busch and wife Samantha have been blessed to get to know a very special set of fans that have become like family. And when that family has good news, they celebrate.

“There has been a very special couple that has been part of our fan club for a long time and they just had a miracle baby,” Samantha tells One Country during a recent interview from Daytona International Speedway. “IVF wasn’t going well for them, so to have this baby was a true miracle. We are just so happy for them.”

Granted, this happiness comes with a tinge of sadness for Samantha and Kyle, who have personally been through their share of challenges in their pursuit of a big brother or sister for 3-year-old son Brexton. Throughout their journey, both Samantha and Kyle have been very transparent when it comes to their fertility struggles. In fact, after announcing this past Thanksgiving that they were expecting their second child on social media, they were also forced to share the crushing news days later that Samantha has lost their baby as a result of a miscarriage.

And ever since then, Samantha has spent her time not only healing emotionally, but also physically.

“Physically, it’s been very hard in many ways,” recalls Busch. “After suffering the miscarriage, for example, my hand started swelling. Two months went by and things continued to get progressively worse.”

After various appointments with doctors and specialists and “more blood work than she has ever had in her life,” Busch says she has yet to get an adequate answer as to what is causing the unusual swelling. More tests remain in the future for Busch, but for now, it has stopped their baby making plans in their tracks.

“We are really putting it in God’s hands,” Busch says quietly. “My doctors have gotten concerned with the possibility of some autoimmune issues, so we really have to rule those sorts of things out before we start trying again.”

But in true Busch fashion, they have decided to continue helping all those around them struggling with infertility. The couple recently rebranded the Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund to focus strictly on infertility education and awareness, along with granting monetary awards to couples going through IVF treatments.

“As a couple who has gone through IVF ourselves, we know what so many couples are going through,” says Samantha. “And as we travel from track to track every weekend, it really gives us the opportunity to connect with so many people who might be out there struggling. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone, even for us.”