Selma Blair Opens Up About Her Son’s Reaction to Her Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Selma Blair son reacts to MS diagnosis
Photo by OConnor-Arroyo/

When actress Selma Blair was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year, she luckily had a slew of people to support her and love her through it all.

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One of those people was her 8-year-old son Arthur.

“He’s had to endure a lot,” Blair says in a new interview with People magazine. “He’s seen a lot.”

In fact, the 47-year-old mother says that Arthur has witnessed many of the toughest moments of her MS battle, including watching her fall down the stairs or seeing her rush to the bathroom when she feels sick. But through it all, Arthur seems more proud of his mom with each passing day.

“He says, ‘Mommy’s not sick,’” she says. “’Mommy’s brave.’”

In fact, Arthur always seems eager to show his mom off to his friends at school.

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“He said, ‘I love when you come to school because you make the kids laugh and you answer all their questions,’” says Blair, whose new Netflix series Another Life launches Thursday (July 25.) “I explain what’s happening and that my voice doesn’t hurt, and we have really decent exchanges. I had no idea Arthur was proud of that. I thought ‘I’m probably an embarrassment,’ but to know I’m not was one of my proudest moments.”

Selma welcomed her son Arthur, with fashion designer Jason Bleick, in July 2011. The couple split in 2012 after two years together.