Sharon Osbourne Breaks Down After Sara Gilbert Announces She’s Leaving “The Talk”


Following the announcement that Sara Gilbert would be leaving the show she created, The Talk, at the end of the current season, her co-hosts spoke out about what a great person she was.

“You are an amazing woman. You are a true example for others to follow,” Sheryl Underwood began. “You created something very very special with the Talk. God has given you a great talent and I think he is opening doors for you to use that talent wherever you go. More than that you are an amazing mother, you’re an amazing partner, wife, you’re just such a beautiful spirit. Everything I think you touch, you’re going to be successful because you care about others. I just like to say personally, that we all wish you Godspeed to greater things and you’ll never be forgotten.”

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It was at this time that Sharon Osbourne broke down in tears. The mother of two was one of the original co-hosts who started the show with Sara in 2010 and she took the news very hard.

“It’s definitely sad but we all understand the evolution of a person, of a woman, of a mom. You are an incredible person. I’ve learned a lot by sitting at this table with you so thank you,” Eve said. “Thank you for letting me in because I know that you don’t let a lot o people in. I feel like I’ve been able to see some beautiful sides to you and I really appreciate that. I know this is hard for you both but everybody here that loves you and loves us understands that you have to do what you have to do for the evolution of you and your family. And I love you and I know we haven’t had a lot of time but I do.”

With that, the audience rose to it’s feet and started chanting…”Sara, Sara, Sara.”

It was then that Sharon tried to speak about her friend. “I want to say so many things to Sara,” Sharon tried to speak through tears.

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And just then, Eve tried to break the sadness by saying, “But you guys live right up the street from each other.”

“But I never worked with anyone for nine years before, I always get fired,” Sharon said before composing herself. “I just have to say this show has been on the air for nine years and we’ve had different ladies at this table but this to me has been the best table. There’s always someone that gets on your nerves and there’s nobody that gets on each other’s nerves here. I think that Sara since she took over this seat has just been slamming it every show. You’ve all seen her dry humor that comes out of nowhere and she’s so quick and so sarcastic and so fabulous that we just have this great thing going on here right now.”

Sara will be missed by her co-hosts.