Shawn Johnson East Lands in Emergency Room After ‘Freak Accident’

Shawn Johnson east hospital visit for accident
Photo courtesy Shawn Johnson East Instagram

Mere days before she is due to give birth to her first baby, former Olympian Shawn Johnson East took a trip to the emergency room over the weekend.

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And no, it wasn’t for the baby!

“38 weeks pregnant and in the ER for a broken big toe,” East wrote on her Instagram page Monday (Oct. 14.) “Hahaha only me. All is good, just adding a little more swag to my big mama waddle these days.”

East shared in her Instagram Stories on Sunday (Oct. 13) that the accident occurred at her and hubby Andrew East neighbor’s house when a piece of cement fell on her foot and broke her toe straight in half, according to People.

“Well guys, we had a really eventful night. We are currently headed home from the emergency room,” she explained in the car, before reassuring her followers, “It had nothing to do with the baby. I dropped a piece of concrete on my foot — a piece of concrete fell on my foot because I was real[ly] excited about petting a dog … and I broke my big toe just in half. Pretty nasty, so that happened.”

On Monday (Oct. 14,) East and her husband also released a YouTube video on their The East Fam page about the whole crazy experience.

“It could have been so much worse,” East said. “The fact that I am not in a cast or a splint is amazing.”