Shawn Mendes Eats an Avocado Shirtless and the Internet Goes Crazy

Shawn Mendes eats avocado shirtless
Photo courtesy Shawn Mendes Instagram

It’s amazing what makes the internet buzz these days. This time around it’s Shawn Mendes.

Mendes posted a photo to Instagram of himself eating an avocado. Sounds simple enough, right? But what really set tongues wagging was the fact that he was shirtless. The “Senorita” singer bared his biceps with the simple caption of an avocado emoji.

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Now who doesn’t love an avocado. But even better, who doesn’t love looking at a shirtless Shawn Mendes.

Celebs couldn’t help but notice the fit singer’s bod and especially the delicious looking avocado. The were quick to comment on the singer’s post.

“If you’re happy I’m happy,” John Mayer wrote.

“avocad-oh u just gonna post s**t like this and expect my wife not to leave me!,” added Hoodie Allen.

“this is encouraging me to try avocado,” wrote one fan.

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Shawn and his girlfriend Camila Cabello had the internet abuzz Wednesday night with their performance of “Senorita” on the MTV Video Music Awards.

The couple, who have been seen smooching all over town, teased fans by getting up close and personal. Shawn and Camilla danced around the stage and then moved in for a romantic kiss. The only thing is that they stopped short of kissing on stage.

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Even stars like Sophie Turner, The Jonas Brothers, and Taylor Swift were hoping the couple would share a PDA. But alas, they chose to save it for their private time together.