Steve Harvey Shares Valentine’s Day Tips for Men

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On The Steve Harvey Show, Steve is well-known for giving relationship advice; giving tips to mostly women about their confusion in a relationship. Now, Steve Harvey is divulging his expertise on how men think about love.

“That’s what I’m able to give women— the male perspective,” Harvey announced during a visit with Jimmy Kimmel.

Are women actually so complex? Are we that hard to understand? Steve thinks so. He told Jimmy that “any man that knows about women, and can write that book would be a billionaire come Tuesday.”

And, just in times for Valentine’s Day, Steve reveals the secret to the day of love: He hinted to all the men that whatever they do for their special ladies, it must be done in public. He shares that the way for a woman to be happy is for a public display of affection.

“You get more points when you do it in front of people.” Steve shares with the entire audience’s approval.

Sharing his own failed romance story, Jimmy recounted, “The first time I was married, I said to my ex-wife, ‘Listen, I have an idea; I’m going to grow some roses in the yard, and then I’ll clip them and put them in the [bouquet].’ She said, ‘Absolutely not.’”

Finding Jimmy’s story hysterical, Steve then went through some of this issues with Jimmy’s plan— starting with the fact that Valentine’s day is in the winter; so it’d be pretty difficult to grow roses yourself in time for the holiday. Jimmy admitted that he “didn’t really know how seeds worked at the time.”


Steve finally shared the key to his recent marriage’s success— they don’t argue. What a novel idea!

He explained, “We have arguments, but they’re not back and forth.” So, the key to a happy and healthy marriage, according to Steve Harvey, is to refrain from long drawn-out arguments. That seems simple enough.

Happy Valentines Day! And guys, don’t worry! It’s always the thought that counts.