Steven Spielberg Won’t Let Carl’s Jr. Serve “Spielburgers,” Is No Fun

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Steven Spielberg has been thanked more than God in Academy Award speeches. He basically created the childhood of kids in the 80’s and 90’s. He stands apart from all other directors alongside people who are known by just one name like Lebron or Beyonce. Carl’s Jr. wanted to harness that power by renaming their Charbroiled Sliders “Spielburgers.” It’s a grade A pun, but their execution was off.

First of all, Carl’s Jr. tried to go see Seven Spielberg at his office without an appointment. That’s a rookie mistake. They then left a note on his car reading:

Hey Steven-

Let’s talk Spielburgers ASAP!!


Carl’s Jr.

P.S. Pumped for Ready Player One!

 P.P.S.You da man!

Smells like teen desperation. I think the CEO’s son, Carl’s Jr. Jr., did this as a prank.

Well, he got the note and graciously declined in a post written, produced, and directed by Steven Spielberg.

Carl’s Jr. was just happy to get noticed.

My thought is that Spielberg liked the pun so much that he is saving it for himself. He will, without a doubt, use that the next time he hosts a cookout.