Steven Tyler Opens Up About His Road to Sobriety: ‘The Confusion Goes Away’

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For most of his life, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler has found himself in front of the cameras, with spotlights shining on him and fans watching his every move. Yet, in a new GQ interview, Tyler opened up about those dark days when no one was watching, and drug use almost overtook his life.

“You have a shot of Jack Daniel’s and you play Madison Square Garden and you get offstage and you go clubbing with Jimmy Page,” Tyler recalls. “After two encores in Madison Square Garden, you don’t go and play shuffleboard. Or Yahtzee, you know? You go and rock the fuck out. You’ve done something that you never thought you could, and you actually think that you are a super-being.”

His drugs of choice run the gamut, including everything from cocaine to Quaaludes.

“What happens with using is, it works in the beginning, but it doesn’t work in the end,” he says. “It takes you down. There’s nothing but jail, insanity, or death.”

Luckily for him, an intervention by his band would eventually put Tyler back on the right track. Currently, Tyler has been sober for nine years straight.

“The confusion goes away,” he concludes. “Your friends come back. You can keep a little money in the bank. You can plan things and make them work. You get physically healthy. Once you see what happened to you when you went too far, you don’t want to go back again to all that sh**.”