Sugar Ray Frontman Mark McGrath Opens Up About Going Deaf

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After years of delighting fans during his live shows with hit songs such as “Fly,” “Someday” and “Every Morning,” Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath recently admitted that he is going deaf.

“I cannot hear any more,” McGrath says in a recent interview with DailyMailTV. “It’s years and years of being on the road and being two feet in front of cymbals and drums. So high frequencies, I can’t hear anymore. I’ll be listening to people and they’ll tell me their names and I can’t hear anymore.”

It’s a sad dose of reality for the music star, who continues to tour throughout the country. It’s also a stark reminder that we are all getting older, and with more years comes more problems.

“As I get older, my health’s going,” McGrath says. “I have knee problems, back problems. So I am working on the hearing now. It’s something that recently last year my doctor said you’ve got to step back a little bit.”

Looking back, McGrath says he had wished he would have been more careful on stage, perhaps wearing in ears during performances which block out the sound just a bit. But McGrath isn’t one to spend too much time thinking about the ‘what ifs’ of life.

“You can’t repair your hearing,” he acknowledged. “Once it goes, it goes. You can hope to stop the damage.”