Who to Root For in the Sweet 16 Based on Celebrity Affiliations


It’s that time of year again! March! And if you want to keep up with the Joneses or at least act like you know something about basketball, you have to have a team you want to win it all. Picking a team after your team has gone down is a tricky task, but can be done.

Who to Root For in the Sweet 16 Based on Celebrity Affiliations:

Kansas State vs. Kentucky: A wildcat is a wildcat unless you happen to love “The Bachelor” and “Modern Family.” If you’re a diehard fan of either one of those shows, you probably want to go with Eric Stonestreet and Sean Lowe’s Kansas State Cats. However, if you happen to love the Judds, or like, Chris Stapleton– you gotta go with the Kentucky Cats.

Lets go Kansas State Wildcats. Lets beat KU on Kansas day!??

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Loyola-Chicago vs. Nevada: God doesn’t care about college basketball, but he does care about Sister Jean, Loyola’s 98-year-old team chaplain. You cannot root against her.

Florida State vs. Gonzaga: Jake Owen and Brian Kelley are big FSU fans, not to mention, John Anderson wrote a song called “Seminole Wind,” that shouldn’t be joked about, but does make for an intimidating tune. If I’ve learned anything about life in all my years of… life, it’s that you shouldn’t go against John Anderson.

Michigan vs. Texas A&M: Both schools boast several notable alumni, so as always, it comes down to the music. The Aggies claim Robert Earl Keen, Granger Smith and Roger Creager as their own. Not to mention several big-time Christian artists. Michigan claims Madonna, which is interesting, but not interesting enough.

Villanova vs. West Virginia: A good rule of thumb– can you locate the school on a map? No? Then you can’t root for them. I know Villanova is in Philadelphia, but I also know Brad Paisley is a proud Mountaineer, so I”m going with his team.

And then there were 16…#letsgomountaineers

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Texas Tech vs. Purdue: Would there be Red Dirt country music without Pat Green, Josh Abbott, Wade Bowen or Cory Morrow? Maybe, but it would be a lot less colorful. Plus, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks was once a Red Raider, so they aren’t making nice anytime soon.

Kansas vs. Clemson: If you knew that Lee Brice once wrote a song called “Orange Empire” about Clemson would that sway your fandom?

Syracuse vs. Duke: You know you’re looking for a reason to cheer against Duke, so here it is– Duke’s famous alumni website has an entire section for US Senators and heads of state. Syracuse is proud that one of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” graduated from there. Go Big Orange!