Sylvester Stallone Sends Touching Message to Nick Cordero as He Battles Coronavirus [Watch]

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Nick Cordero has been in the fight for his life after contracting the coronavirus over a month ago. The Broadway star has been in a coma and in ICU sinc his wife Amanda Kloots shared the diagnosis in early April.

However, things have taken a positive turn for Nick as Amanda shared the news on Wednesday that he is awake.

“The news is that he is officially awake!,” Amanda shared with GMA. “There’s just been this heaviness that’s kind of held over us for this time and to get the news today that the doctor said,  ‘I think we can officially say he is awake.’ I mean that was just the best news you could hear. We still have a very long way ahead of us, a long road ahead of us but we are on our way!”

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That’s great news since Nick hasn’t been responsive and needed to have his right leg amputated while in a coma, due to complications from the virus. Amanda has been keeping fans abreast. of Nick’s situation, sharing the hashtag #WakeupNick on Instagram and rounding up fans and loved ones to sing Nick’s song “Live Your Life,” everyday he was in a coma.

Apparently the message got to Sylvester Stallone who shared a heartfelt message of his own to Nick.

“Hello Nick, this is Sylvester Stallone,” the actor began. “Obviously we’ve never met, but I only hear great things about your work and that you’re just a born star. Also heard about your tragic situation, and that’s something that I can’t even fathom. What such a talented man, as you are, is going through.”

He continued, “But obviously, you have an incredibly lovely wife and beautiful child. And I know to have gotten this far as you have gotten, you got what it takes. You have that eye of the tiger, you have that talent, you have that will.

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“You have been dealt a horrible hand, a tough one, and it takes a strong strong man and a strong family to override that situation,” Stallone said in the video. “To take it and throw it back into life’s face and say, ‘Guess what? It’s gonna take more than that. I’m the man.’ And you are the man, and you’re a role model for other people that have to overcome incredible odds.”

He concluded by saying, “All I can say is keep punching, you’re the man.”