This Guy Allegedly Robbed a Bank and Then Threw the Money Over Taylor Swift’s Fence to Impress Her


One could imagine that Taylor Swift is hard to impress. But, she is a human person, so maybe not? One person who likely believes Swift is hard to impress is Bruce Rowley, who allegedly robbed a Connecticut bank and then drove to Swift’s Rhode Island home to throw the money over her fence. He was trying to impress her.

According to the Hartford Courant, the man wanted to propose. Lt. Patrick Lynch of the Ansonia Police Department said, “It seemed he wanted to propose to her. But she wasn’t home when he went there. He said he threw some of the money over a fence to impress her.”

Since Swift wasn’t in Rhode Island, Rowley left her home, after throwing some of the stolen $1,600 over a fence for Swift, and that’s when Rhode Island troopers spotted him.

“We didn’t know about Taylor Swift until our officers picked him up from state police to drive him back to Ansonia. He began to talk all about it in the cruiser,” Lynch said.