Terrence Cunningham Just Had the Best Blind Audition on “The Voice” Ever


There have been a lot of great blind auditions on “The Voice” before. There have even been a number of four-chair turns during the blind auditions, but none of those can hold a candle to Terrence Cunningham and his unique and soulful rendition of “My Girl.”

the voice terrence cunningham


Cunningham’s version turned the pop classic into a tribute, versus a puppy love type of thing. And that’s because he said he was singing about his daughter.

At 16, Cunningham had a daughter and he made the decision to give up his musical ambitions to “be the father my daughter needed.” And now, 18 years later, he went on the show to just see if he could get anyone to turn around.

terrence cunningham the voice


The praise from each of the coaches was thick and like nothing any of them have ever said before.

Blake Shelton: “I think we’re all a little bit speechless right now, I’ve never heard a performance like that at any level of ‘The Voice.’ What an awesome, creative performance that was. Wow!”

Adam Levine: “You don’t need us. We need you… I want to coach you more than I’ve ever wanted to coach someone on ‘The Voice.'”

Kelly Clarkson: “I just want to sing with you. I’m so curious why you aren’t already on the radio.”

Alicia Keys: “There’s this vacuum that just happened in this space, like when divinity enters the room and you can feel it– certain things just have the right moment, the right space, the right connection. If I ever did anything right, it was coming to this show only to meet you… I would love to be your coach.”

Cunningham went with Keys and she proclaimed, “I feel like I just won ‘The Voice.'”

Levine and Clarkson agreed, “Game over. That guy could win the whole thing.”