“The Bachelor” Creator Has a New Reality Show Coming Called “The Proposal” and It’s Going to Be a Real Wild Ride, Folks

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After Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke Becca Kufrin’s heart during this last season of “The Bachelor,” many fans swore they’d never watch the show again. Now that Becca K. is the next “Bachelorette,” however, many people have changed their tone and are ready to watch her find love– and, to give our romance-and-drama-loving souls something else to grasp on to, the creators of “The Bachelor” have an all-new show coming, and it sounds like it’s going to be a real wild ride.

According to a statement from ABC Television Network, the new show, called “The Proposal,” will be a 10-episode series where eligible daters compete in four pageant-style competition rounds in an attempt to win the heart and love of a MYSTERY suitor (or suitress) whose identity is being kept from the contestants.

Yes, for real.

The four rounds include a “first impression” round, a beachwear round, a round where they answer the mystery suitor’s romantic questions and, last but certainly not least, a round where they meet one of the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member.

The mystery suitor has to eliminate contestants through each round until the final reveal when the two remaining daters meet the mystery suitor and present a proposal. Yes, like a marriage proposal.

See? I told y’all. Real. Wild. Ride. 

The series will be hosted by former NFL quarterback (and season 5 “Bachelor”) Jesse Palmer, and has a TBD air date.