Tim Tebow Got Fiancée Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters An “Internally Flawless” Diamond Ring


Who knew Tim Tebow was such a romantic?

On his recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tim Tebow shared the incredibly thoughtful way he proposed to his fiancée; and now, women everywhere are dreaming of a proposal as magical as this one.

It seemed as though the theme for Tim’s proposal was “surprise,” because the athlete did not lack in that department. Tim explained, “Well, of course, any good surprise starts out with a lot of lying.” Gentlemen, take note.

In order to keep the proposal a secret, they faked a surprise for Tim’s father instead— to throw his fiancée off his trail. And then, he took her to a lake where he had an archway and a bench, which he had carved into, and, he played “their song.”

Tim got down on one knee and proposed. They began to dance to “The Wedding Song” by Matthew Mole. Sneakily, Matthew snuck up behind and started to sing along to his song in person— this is just the first of many surprises!

But that’s nothing compared to his next surprise. After the shock of Matthew Mole performing for them wore off, Tim revealed that he had her family from South Africa fly out for the special moment! Next, he reveals he brought her friends for the occasion. This is one lucky gal!

Tim Tebow Instagram / @timtebow

When asked about the ring, Tim revealed he went on a search for a South African diamond because that’s what she is to him.

“Then I heard there was such a thing as an internally flawless diamond. So then, I was like, ‘Shoot. Now I’m paying even more, but I got to get an internally flawless diamond.” Tim shared.

But that’s not the magical line, folks! When Tim gave his fiancé the ring, he expressed to her, “This is internally flawless, just like you.” Guys, seriously, write this stuff down.

Congrats on the engagement, Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters!