Tim Tebow Shares Powerful Lessons He Learned From His Father [WATCH]


Tim Tebow is always overflowing with confidence and positivity. Yet, when his father Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease back in 2016, the former football player was faced with a challenge that he needed to find a way to tackle. And it was that challenge that turned into an inspiration for Tebow to write his new book This is the Day.

“I was also inspired by my dad getting Parkinson’s,” says Tebow during a recent interview on The Bobby Bones Show. “He’s my biggest role model, my biggest hero and he lived this message out so well in front of me and that was just one of the reasons that I wanted to share this with people.”

Currently working towards a baseball career with the New York Mets organization, Tebow says that his dad has been his inspiration to him since he was very young.

“I wanna be someone that lives on fire and loves life,” Tebow says in the interview. “My dad told me when I was eight years old that if I love what I do and I’m passionate about it and I’m willing to sacrifice, you’ll be different than most people and it will be contagious. I’ve always tried to live my life that way.”

Not only is Tebow a former NFL football player with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets and a two-time NCAA national champion, first-round NFL draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner, but he also serves as a college football analyst for ESPN.

This is a guy who makes sure his dreams come true, even if it means he might fail.

“It’s absolutely ok to fail in pursuing something that is truly on your heart because you don’t want to live with regret,” says Tebow, who also has written Through My Eyes and Shaken. “You will always regret not trying.”