Tom Brady Ate His First Strawberry Ever On TV And Hated It


Tom Brady may be one of the best football players in history but he has the eating habits of a child. Brady has said both that he “hates” strawberries and that he has never eaten one in his life. So Stephen Colbert forced him to eat one on TV. He then chugged a beer in one gulp to get rid of the flavor.

What parent has not heard that from their child that they “hate” the food in front of them, but know that they have never seen or tried it in their lives? Every parent on earth. He even did that face your kids do when you make them eat green beans.

Tom is currently on a “Superman Diet” that he is selling to the public. I guess strawberries aren’t a part of that. Not surprisingly, neither is beer. So, of course, Colbert challenged him to a beer chugging competition.

Good thing Tom isn’t competitive.