Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bündchen Take Couples Challenge


There are many challenges that celebrities take part in on social media, but Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen chose the couples challenge to share an inside look in to their marriage.

As they spend more time together during quarantine, the couple was up for answering some questions. During the couples challenge, the couple has to answer random questions with their eyes closed. This way, the other person can’t see how they each person answers.

For this challenge, Tom and Gisele’s young son, Benjamin, decided to play along. And we have a feeling he’s the one who knows best.

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As the football player and model answered questions such as, Who’s more patient? Who’s the better driver and Who’s a bigger baby when they are sick?, their young son stood behind them, giving us the real answers.

The happy couple agreed on most answers like, Who’s more patient? – that honor goes to the quarterback. And who’s more spoiled?—they all agreed that Tom won that one. Gisele got a couple honors as well. When asked, who eats more?, they both pointed to her. And as for the better singer? It was Gisele.

However,  there were some questions where the couple was split. For example, Who’s the better driver?, Who’s more stubborn? and Who apologizes more after a fight? Ben let us know it was Gisele, Tom and Gisele, respectively. But on the bright side, little Ben does think his dad is funnier.

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Check out Tom and Gisele taking the couples challenge.