Dog Arrested By Local Paw Patrol, Is The Toughest Boy In Town

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A Canadian woman was driving through her town when she noticed a familiar face behind the bars of a police car: her dog Finn. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she couldn’t help but laugh at his tough-guy stare as she saw him driven away.

He doesn’t look worried. It’s like he’s done this before.

“You think these bars can hold me? You think I’m afraid of the pound!? Just wait until I get back out.”

An unnamed local snitched on Finn after they saw him attacking a deer, which I guess is illegal in Canada. Instead of simply calming the dog, they threw the book at him.

According to his owner, he’s a good boy that just hates deer. He probably thinks they’re big awkward dogs trying to steal his territory. Sounds like he’s a really good boy to me.