Tristan Thompson Sends Birthday Message to Ex Khloe Kardashian — “You Are The Most Beautiful Human”

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As Khloe Kardashian tries to move on after her boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson, allegedly cheated on her a couple of times while she was pregnant, Tristan is reaching out publicly.

Khloe is celebrating her 35th birthday on Thursday (June27) and Tristan didn’t want the day to go by without some sort of public acknowledgement to the mother of his child. In a post on Instagram, Tristan shared a photo of Khloe with their daughter and wrote a loving caption to go with the photo.

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“Happy birthday @khloekardashian ,” he wrote. “You are the most beautiful human I have ever met inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing mommy to our princess True. She is blessed to have someone like you to look up to. I wish you nothing but more success and sending you positive blessing your way. Enjoy your day Koko.”

No response from Khloe, who is reliving the events as her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is airing episodes filmed during that time.

Khloe and Tristan publicly broke up earlier this year after Tristan was allegedly cheating on Khloe with her sister Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Jordyn spoke out about the incident in an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk Facebook Watch series.

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“I feel like I can’t point fingers and I can’t say, ‘you did this or you did this,’ because I allowed myself to be there. I was drunk, but I was not beyond the point of recollection. I know where I was. But on the way out he did kiss me. No passion. It was like a kiss on the lips,” Jordyn shared. “But not tongue kiss, no making out. I don’t think he’s wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position and when alcohol is involved, people make dumb moves or people get caught up in the moment.”

Tristan had been caught before, cheating with random women only days before Khloe was set to give birth to their daughter True Thompson. However, Khloe was able to put that behind her and forgive her man to start their family. Now, the couple have gone their separate ways but continue to co-parent their 1-year-old daughter, True.