11 Hilarious Tweets And 1 Sad One About “Beverly Hills 90210” Premiere Episode


The gang from the most famous zip code on television reunited Wednesday night (Aug. 7) after 30 years for a reboot of the ’90s teen soap Beverly Hills 90210.

If you expected to see Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Donna and friends, you were sadly disappointed. Instead, fans got heightened versions of Jason Priestly, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering and Gabrielle Carteris. Sadly, Luke Perry (Dylan McKay) passed away earlier this year due to a massive stroke.

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In all fairness though, the network did reveal that the new BH90210 would not be

The cast will be portraying “heightened versions of themselves in a brand-new serialized drama—with a healthy dose of irreverence—that is inspired by their real lives and relationships.”

“Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it’s time to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot up and running,” the official show synopsis states. “But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast — whom the whole world watched grow up together — attempts to continue from where they left off?”

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Even though they were warned, fans of the show were mixed on the new version of the Peach Pit gang and their tweets were hilarious. Confusion set in when they saw the actors playing themselves with true and false story lines about their real lives.  However, in the end Tori reveals that the gang will reunite to film a reboot of 90210. So in essence we’ll be watching the actors portray themselves as they film a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 as their original characters. Get it?

Check out these hilarious Tweets about BH90210’s premiere episode.

1. Me watching #BH90210

2. Me thinking I’m about to see Brenda, Brandon, David, Donna, Steve, Andrea, & Kelly. #BH90210

3. Me @ whoever came up with this completely asinine concept for #BH90210

4. #BH90210 anyone else confused as to what going on? Totally not what I expected

5. Me after the first 10 minutes of #BH90210

6. Me when the theme song came on! #BH90210

7. Actual footage of #BH90210 trying to find a storyline that makes sense.

8. The cast of #BH90210 when they get asked why they agreed to do it. (Tori is Monica)

9. Is @Jason_Priestley‘s “wife” on #BH90210 pregnant with@NickLachey‘s baby?!?!


10. Me when Color Me Badd came on the jukebox #BH90210

11. What time was #BH90210 even on?? Know that this generation now goes to bed by 8

And the last scene had us all in tears when the show paid tribute to the late Luke Perry.

I’m crying #BH90210