17 Hilarious Tweets From The Bachelorette’s Hometown Visits Episode

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It was the show that we all thought would see Luke P go home. (SPOILER ALERT) But in the latest episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown could not bring herself to eliminate anyone. When it came down to Jed and Luke P., she couldn’t make a decision, opting to keep them both. Oh boy!

In addition, during the episode on Monday night (July 8) we got to go home and meet the parents of Tyler C, Jed, Peter the pilot and of course Luke P. And Jed’s family did not seem pleased to see Hannah or that their son was going this far with the show. But isn’t that why we watch?

While all the guys come from very nice families, Luke P’s dad had the question of the night. Why is Luke still here? Well, social media had a field day with that and many other things that occurred during the hometown visits

Here are 12 hilarious Tweets about The Bachelorette and her hometown visits..

1. “Their faces are like “you weren’t supposed to make it this far what’s your girlfriend gonna say”#TheBachelorette

2. “Hannah: “I have 4 great men” Everyone watching :

3. “jed realizing he is equally as scummy as luke p #TheBachelorette

4. Jed’s mom: Don’t pick Jed

Jed’s sister: Picking Jed would be the worst mistake of your entire life


5. “Hannah trying to choose between Jed and Luke #TheBachelorette

6. “live footage of all of us rn #thebachelorette

7. “The look you give your brother’s girlfriend when you know he already has a girlfriend. #TheBachelorette

8. “jed’s entire family getting ready to destroy his and hannah’s relationship #TheBachelorette

9. “The hero we all needed #TheBachelorette”


10.” My Knoxville-raised wife: “Look at them. That’s when you’re from Sevier County, Tennessee and your son brings home a girl from Tuscaloosa…” #VFL #TheBachelorette

11. “what we hear when Jed starts singing #TheBachelorette

12. “This is probably how Luke P got all his church “friends” to say nice things about him #TheBachelorette”

13. “Me when Hannah gave BOTH Luke P and Jed a rose #TheBachelorette

14. “luke p’s hometown date when everyone starts talking about how awesome he is #TheBachlorette

15. “So crazy that Luke P took Hannah to an improv class for his hometown. These actors are great. They all seem to of succeeded in the task of acting like they like Luke. #TheBachelorette

16. “Not Pictured: Luke P. Duggar #TheBachelorette

17. “A glimpse at Luke P’s hometown #TheBachelorette