15 Hilarious Tweets About “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 6 Episode 5


Bachelor in Paradise continued it’s dramatic ways on Monday night (Aug. 19) when we witnessed a fight, broken hearts and revenge.

Jordan took his anger out on a piñata and ended up body slamming Christian. Ouch! Hannah G made the world happy when she chose the sweet Dylan over Blake and Kristina fooled everyone by giving Blake her rose out of pure revenge, so he’d have to watch Dylan and Hannah be happy. That’s just one night of Bachelor in Paradise and we can’t get enough.

While 20 and 30 somethings try to find their soulmate amongst Bachelor and Bachelorette leftovers, we can’t help be be there for the Tweets. The Twitter world did not disappoint as they took on Kristina, Blake, Hannah G and even Chris Harrison had his moments. Check out 15 Hilarious Tweets about episode 5 of Bachelor in Paradise.


1. Kristina this season on #BachelorInParadise

2. Go to stagecoach they said it’ll be fun they said #BachelorinParadise

3. Marked safe from Blake at Stagecoach✔️ #BachelorInParadise

4. Blake at stagecoach NEXT year #BachelorInParadise

5. The deep personalities on Dylan and Hannah’s date #BachelorinParadise

6. The world when Hannah G gives Dylan the rose #BachelorInParadise


7. Chris B’s list of appearances on Bachelor spinoffs is as long as a CVS receipt. #BachelorInParadise

8. Nicole watching the guys fight over her. #BachelorInParadise

9. Chris Harrison with the most “I’m gonna give these kids a talking to” face #BachelorInParadise


11. who from the bachelor DIDNT go to stagecoach #BachelorInParadise

12. caitlin when blake is explaining his dating history #BachelorinParadise

13. kristina after giving blake her rose to watch him suffer #BachelorInParadise

14. Producer: “Demi we know you’re going through some shit but if you could look longingly out to sea, that would be greaaattt.” #BachelorInParadise #bachelornation #bip

15. Chris Harrison right before they paged him to talk to Demi #bachelorinparadise