15 Hilarious Tweets About Love, Heartbreak and Stagecoach on “Bachelor in Paradise”


As if one night of Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t enough, we have two.

In the sixth episode of the reality dating series, airing Tuesday night (Aug. 21), there was enough going on to have Twitter take a stab at making heartbreak seem humorous. Demi led Derek on while having a girlfriend at home. If that wasn’t enough, Chris Harrison thought it would be fun to bring the girlfriend to paradise for Demi and her to explore their relationship in front of Derek, who had real feelings for Demi. Good times BIP, real good.

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As Derek was maturely dealing with his feelings, there were many who jumped immediately to making Derek the next Bachelor. Let’s hope. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the humor that comes along with these reality shows when Hannah holds Dylan in the pool and another girl from Stagecoach (Caitlin) arrives in paradise.


1. Did Chris just say he’s gonna change the rules??#BachelorInParadise

2. me on commercial break: maybe I shouldn’t be so emotionally invested in this show

me when the show comes back on: #bachelorinparadise

3. me on my way to audition for derek’s season of bachelor #BachelorInParadise

4. I’ve seen this before #BachelorinParadise

5. Bachelor nation waiting for Derek to check his DMs #BachelorInParadise

6. Excited for the newest addition to The Bachelor franchise. #BachelorinParadise

7, Keeping Demi and Kristian on BIP is just plain mean. What’s the point in that?? #BachelorInParadise

8. Everyone’s focused on Demi’s girlfriend coming in but I can’t stop thinking about Hannah carrying Dylan around in the pool #bachelorinparadise #BIP

9. When you’re trying to figure out if someone was at stagecoach #BachelorInParadise

10. Nicole’s song is still an improvement on this… #BachelorinParadise

11. #BachelorInParadise Katie to Chris: I don’t want to hold you back from going on a date

Chris: I’m going on a date


12. Me if I hear the word stagecoach one more time #BachelorInParadise

13. i wonder if my insurance would cover a Chris Harrison therapy session #BachelorInParadise

14. me settling in for another two hours of hot people making shitty decisions on a beach #BachelorInParadise

15. Blake at Stagecoach… #BachelorInParadise