17 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor’s Women Tell All

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Peter Weber is nearing the end of his journey to find love on the latest season of The Bachelor. However, it wouldn’t come to complete end without hearing from the women he dumped throughout the season.

First, we got to watch the “dramatic” rose ceremony between Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. Would Madison show up? Yes, of course she would and she did. Peter gave his final two roses to Hannah Ann and Madison, eliminating Victoria F. from show. Victoria F.’s reaction? “It is what it is.”

But that wasn’t the most dramatic part of the night. That part came when the dumped ladies got together to discuss their feelings…and to rip each other apart as well. There were tears, and cursing and screaming…oh lots of screaming and talking over each other, it made it almost unwatchable. ALMOST! Of course we watched, and then we scoured Twitter to find the hilarious reactions of those who braved through the Women Tell All with us.

Here are 17 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor’s Women Tell All

1. The girls bullying each other this entire #WomenTellAll to then talk about the negativity of bullying #TheBachelor

2. hannah ann when she realizes she actually might have to marry peter #bachelor

3. Is that bit with Peter’s parents in the back of the Suburban what we’re to expect on this Seniors Only Bachelor? #TheBachelor

4. Any girl from the bachelor: *has emotions or feelings*

Tammy: #WomenTellAll

5. Bachelor nation getting ready for the women tell all #TheBachelo

6. Chris Harrison’s 30 second Crest commercial was better than this whole season of the Bachelor

7. You guys, I think they broke Peter #WomenTellAll #TheBachelor

8. Kelley at home watching this hot mess express. #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll

9. Mykenna looking up as many Pinterest quotes as she can before #WomenTellAll #TheBachelor

10. ya know who thinks she’s not the problem but totally is the problem?? #WomenTellAll

11. when you’re contemplating if ABC is actually paying you enough to endure this #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll

12. We stan this group of guys who went to the #WomenTellAll together. I hope they’re having a nice day. #Bachelor2020

13. Peter brining his parents to the bachelor viewing party is the most peter thing he could do

14. pilot pete really called all of the ladies on the women tell all Brave

15. ICYMI: Hannah Ann shot an impromptu lip-gloss commercial before the penultimate rose ceremony, plus a lot of “ladies” yelled at it each other this week on #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll.

16. Me when @mykennajean told Tammy to come to Canada to learn how to treat people #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll

17. Even @chrisbharrison doesn’t know what’s going on #WomenTellAll #TheBachelor