15 Hilarious Tweets About The Unwanted Recap Episode of The Bachelorette

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Hannah B has done it again [SPOILER ALERT]. She kept Luke P for another week by giving him a rose on Monday night’s (June 17) episode of The Bachelorette.

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For those who don’t know, Luke P may just be the most hated contestant to appear on The Bachelorette. It’s not just Bachelor Nation that wants him gone but ALL the guys on the show want him out. However, Hannah still seems to hang onto something that none of us can see. But as the guys say, it’s her choice.

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While we painstakingly watch and Luke P spends another week on our television screens, the internet is fed up. And they were really fed up with the recap in episode 6 – where we looked back at the first 5 episodes. So early? Was there nothing else to air?

Check out 15 hilarious tweets that resulted from episode 6 of The Bachelorette.

1. “Hannah: Yes, not getting a rose means that you go home.


2. “I want to thank Twitter for getting me through this recap without dying of boredom #TheBachelorette

3. “So Luke’s the crazy person who sex shamed Hannah… We didn’t see that coming AT ALL #TheBachelorette

4.  “Welcome to the only 5 seconds I cared about in tonight’s episode. #TheBachelorette

5. Me: this sucks I’m never watching this show again

ABC: *shows preview*


6. “The ONLY part of this episode that matters #TheBachelorette

7. “Why is tonight’s rose ceremony happening in Gryffindor? #TheBachelorette”

8. “me after watching this episode #TheBachelorette

9. “Chris Harrison, performing dad duties perfectly.#TheBachelorette

10. “Why does Luke always look like someone asked him what the square root of 4875 is? #TheBachelorette

11. “A few things I’ve taken from tonight’s episode:

1.Tyler, Jed, Conner, and Peter stay out of the drama and are there for the right reasons.
2. Cocktail parties run smoother with chicken nuggets involved .
3. Who forgot to wear the Salmon jacket tonight?!?”

12. “All of us when hannah said Luke P is the best kisser #TheBachelorette”

13. “Plot Twist: Cam popping up out of nowhere to give Hannah the ring he bought with all his time off the show #TheBachelorette

14. “Hannah this whole episode: “I’m not making excuses for him but..” #TheBachelorette

15. “How I feel about the last 52 minutes of #TheBachelorette