15 Hilarious Tweets About Premiere Episode of FOX’s Reality Dating Show “Paradise Hotel”


With the success of ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette, it’s inevitable that copycats and similar shows would come out of the woodwork. And they did. Now, there is yet another show that puts twenty-something singles in a tropic environment to fight for love.

Paradise Hotel, hosted by reality star Kristen Cavallari, is the latest reality dating series to air on FOX Thursday night (May 9). The show originally aired in 2003 with host Amanda Byram and season two aired in 2008. Sixteen years later, season 3 is back with their new host.

Six women and five men were paired up as roommates, leaving one woman, Mariaelena, by herself. The couples spent the night together and formed bonds and alliances to stay on the show. However, the one lone woman had to try and steal one man from the put together couples, in order to stay on the show. Imagine the fun that ensued.

Turns out Mariaelena, was successful in taking Carlos away from his roommate Deiondra, who happens to be the daughter of NFL player Deion Sanders (a fact she kept secret from the cast). But not before he lied through his teeth to Deiondra, telling her he would stick with her no matter what. His best quote, and the moment when we all knew the guy was lying to her face, came when Carlos said, “Even if Jennifer Lopez walked in here, I’d still choose you.” Ok, right!

Don’t worry, there’s more to come. In futures episodes, new singles will be brought to paradise to try and shake up the couples, who have apparently fallen for each other after two nights together. And to make it even more interesting, the guys voted for which guy to bring on next week and the fans get to vote the second guy to join the show. So hold on to your hats ladies.

You can just imagine all the fun things there were to talk about after the show aired and social media had a field day. Here are 15 hilarious tweets about the premiere episode of Paradise Hotel. 

1.  “I knew Carlos was gonna screw Deiondria over. From the moment he told her “Jennifer Lopez could walk in here and I’d still choose you.” #paradisehotel.”

2. “Carlos when he realizes deiondra’s last name #ParadiseHotel

3. “Here’s all the validation I need for watching tonight’s triumphant return of #ParadiseHotel

4. “How come they can’t have an adult sized pool table? #ParadiseHotel.”

5. “Why is she acting like she’s married to Bobby [Ray] ya’ll been there for 3 seconds just switch #paradisehotel.”

6. “If this ginger gets on, arenthey going to supply him with 100 spf sunscreen? #ParadiseHotel

7. “CBS producers taking down notes for their version of Love Island. #ParadiseHotel.”

8. “He really just said “you look great for 29” as if 29 isn’t still a baby. #ParadiseHotel.”

9. “#ParadiseHotel is awful, but fascinating…. I can’t turn away!!”

10. “anyone else feel mariaelena is a little #shady ? #ParadiseHotel.

11. Even Deion Sanders son, Deion Jr. got in on the action.

“Like & Retweet if #ParadiseHotel is the WORST and least diverse “game show” EVER.”

“Dang… that boy Carlos sent my sister home because she wouldn’t let him hit or give him any tongue action. If she was a thot she would still be on the show. He wanted a chick he could smash and tongue down #ParadiseHotel.”