17 Hilarious Tweets About The “Bachelor In Paradise” Makeups, Breakups and Shakeups


The end may be nearing but it seems like things are only heating up on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

There are couples in love, couples breaking up and couples that haven’t even coupled up yet. How could it be close to the end?

In the latest episode, Dean sent viewers into a frenzy when he returned to paradise, after leaving Caelynn on her birthday, to win back her heart. The catch? Caelynn was starting a new relationship with Conner, who entered after Dean departed. What’s a girl to do?

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On the bright side, Tayshia and JPJ seem to be re-igniting their spark and JPJ set up his own Prom for the woman he’s falling in love with. If you didn’t love JPJ before, this move is sure to make you love him now.

And then there’s Blake. Poor Blake. He thought paradise was where he would find love. However, it’s where he found a number of ladies who he had already hooked up with. Then when he got past all that, he thought Kristina was the one, only to have his heart broken when Kristina revealed she did not share the same feelings.

It’s time to say goodbye to paradise.

In any event, the Twitterverse did not disappoint with their hilarious Tweets on the latest episode. Here are 17 hilarious Tweets about the breakups makeups and shakeups.

1. Kristina leveling up on Blake lol #BachelorInParadise

2. Blake: I’m so in love with *looks around* Kristina. #BachelorInParadise

3. Does Blake really see Kristina as the mother of his children or has he just not had sex for 3 weeks #BachelorInParadise


4. bachelor nation running to protect demi #BachelorInParadise


6. Tayshia: I guess we’re going to swing dance

JPJ: I bet Blake can teach us that #bachelorinparadise


7. JPJ looks like an 8 year old who got Burger King on the way home from a recorder recital #BachelorInParadise

8. Blake booking his ticket to Stagecoach 2020 after Kristina dumped him #BachelorInParadise

9. Blake grabbing whatever he can find to do his own JPJ cute surprise date #BachelorInParadise

10. when you realize that you maybe should’ve stuck with the nice 6’6″ guy who lives in an actual home with insulation instead of risking it all for a dude who left you on your birthday and also lives in a van #BachelorInParadise

11. Dean: “Driving in a van is like driving in your bedroom.”



12. Caelynn getting ready inside Dean’s tiny van bathroom #BachelorInParadise

13. The interns really need a raise. His bylines have been outstanding this season. #BachelorinParadise

14. Matt sneaking out every night to call his mom #BachelorInParadise

15. Bachelor nation when Revian walked down the stairs #BachelorInParadise

16. A candlelight dinner in Dean’s van. #BachelorInParadise

17. when stagecoach is still 7 months away #BachelorInParadise

18. Wait… was this all part of Kristina’s master revenge plan? #BachelorInParadise