17 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All

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Once again as The Bachelorette continues finding love for Hannah Brown, Luke P. monopolizes the show as the men tell all on Monday night (July 22).

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Luke was given the chance to apologize and tell his side of the story, but it was falling on deaf ears. Both the men who were vying for Hannah’s heart and Bachelor Nation did not believe a word from Luke P.’s mouth. When action speak louder than words, Luke’s actions are screaming.

However, Hannah took Luke to task and apologized to viewers for keeping him on the show too long. Luke took that time to leave the show and not return. Apology accepted Hannah.

In addition, Mike and John Paul Jones were stand outs with the crowd. Many people want  Mike to be the next Bachelor and when JPJ threw chicken nuggets out in the audience he cemented his lovable status.

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The internet had a lot of hilarious things to say about the latest episode of The Bachelorette. Her are a few of our favorites.

1. ABC: So who should be the next bachelor?


2. Me when I find out John Paul Jones also dabbles in self-deprecating humor #TheBachelorette

3. Let’s give it up for the biggest stars of this season 🙌🏻 #TheBachelorette

4. Best part was this lady when John Paul Jones was throwing nuggets #TheBachelorette

5. the audience when hannah says she’s over being slut shamed: #TheBachelorette


6. Name a better duo, I’ll wait.

7. The top row of guys speaking #TheBachelorette

8. What does he export/import? Bullshit #TheBachelorette

9. Luke Ps last brain cell trying to come up with a sentence that doesn’t bury his ass even more. #TheBachelorette

10. Luke P walking out on stage #TheBachelorette

11. I think Hannah moving that little pedestal to avoid Luke is my favorite thing to ever happen on #TheBachelorette

12. Tonight on Criminal Minds: #TheBachelorette

13. Luke P trying to fight the other guys

14. #TheBachelorette  producers calling Luke P. to tell him he has to come back and make one more dramatic scene

15. Hannah’s guys preparing to roast Luke at the Men Tell All #theBachelorette

16. it’s over, ladiez #thebachelorette

17. Hannah to Luke P