18 Hilarious Tweets From “The Bachelor” Including Champagne Gate


Another Monday night has come and gone and The Bachelor has given us more than we can ask for. In the second episode of the season, Peter is still trying to get over Hannah B while making twenty or so women feel special.

It’s business as usual has the Pilot dates and kisses his way through the contestants. But what we didn’t expect was something that has the Twitterverse going wild—Champagne Gate. It all started when Kelsey set up a special area, with her own bottle of champagne (she’s been saving for a special occasion), for her and Peter to enjoy. It was then that Hannah Ann, who was getting quality time with Peter, came upon the champagne set up.  The two indulged in the nice little setup, giving us all the Pop heard round bachelor nation. Kelsey did not react well and that set off a feud between her and Hannah Ann, who Kelsey claims knew it was her champagne.

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But that’s not all. The fight was the least of the entertainment. It was when Kelsey sat down with Peter to share another bottle of champagne that magically appeared (From producers). Kelsey took a swig out of the bottle of champagne and BOOM! As champagne does, it shot back into Kelsey’s face, soaking her.

That’s when Twitter jumped in and created some hilarious memes. Thank you The Bachelor.

Here are 18 Hilarious Tweets from The Bachelor and champagne gate.


1. “You know who wouldn’t be starting drama in the house? #TheBachelor

2. “Demi showing up in the house so these women start acting right #TheBachelor

3. “How does anyone have time for football when this happened on #TheBachelor tonight?”

4. “Imagine telling your friends a guy gave you this the third time you hung out with him #TheBachelor

5. “Can we take a moment to recognize Alexa C. casually taking a nap? #TheBachelor

6. “When she says “I don’t usually do this on the first date” #TheBachelor

7. “she called me a princess”


8. “A relationship that makes sense #TheBachelor

9. “Hannah Ann causing all the drama #TheBachelor

10. “The champagne fight has take the place of… #TheBachelor

11. “Me @ Hannah Ann rn”

12. “Kelsey, can I speak to you for a second?” #TheBachelor

13. “Hannah Ann and Kelsey playing the victim card back and forth like”

14. “She knew what she did” #TheBachelor

15. “No one said it, so ima say it… That whole champagne thing really blew up in Kelsey’s face”

16. “Hannah Ann trying time act upset about being “bullied” #TheBachelor”

17. “This season on #TheBachelor

18. “Producers with a third bottle of champagne watching #ChampagneGate #TheBachelor