18 Hilarious Tweets About Part 1 of The Bachelorette Finale [Spoiler Alert]


As this season of The Bachelorette comes to an end, Hannah Brown is down to her final two. In Monday night’s (July 29) part 1 episode of the season finale, Hannah said goodbye to (SPOILER ALERT) Peter the Pilot and all of Bachelor Nation cried a tear.

As Peter left town, the final two suitors, Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt, remained to meet Hannah’s family. While Tyler’s visit was as close to perfection that you can get, Jed’s was pretty disappointing. It’s clear that Hannahs’ mom and dad favor Tyler and the man who can provide for their daughter. Jed’s struggling music career was a stickler for mom and dad and tried to convince Hannah to lean towards Tyler. Much of what Bachelor Nation is saying.

But as we know, fans of the show cannot be silent on the topic. They took to social media to share their thoughts. And their thoughts were perfectly clear.

Here are 15 Hilarious Tweets about part 1 of The Bachelorette season finale.

1. Me booking a flight on Delta so I could casually meet Peter and casually mention that I’m single and ready for marriage before the rest of #BachelorNation gets to him first #TheBachelorette

2. I had sex with Peter four times in a windmill. #thebachelorette


3. Peter’s parents gave multiple standing ovations for how well their son’s penis works. #TheBacheloretteFinale

4. Peter’s mom at the windmill #TheBachelorette

5. Your face when you realize that sex at the windmill wasn’t good enough #thebachelorette

6. Jed when it’s been 5 minutes since he’s mentioned his music career #TheBachelorette

7. Jed’s family: We don’t think y’all should get married. His music comes 1st.

Hannah’s family: We don’t think his dog food jingle income will be able to support you.

Hannah: This is so difficult!


8. Hannah: I’m just really confused Jed: I don’t have my guitar so I don’t know how to respond #TheBachelorette

9. God trying to stop her from giving Jed that final rose #TheBacheloretteFinale

10. Luke P watching Hannah confess to doing it *four* times in that windmill #TheBachelorette

11. The dogs that had to listen to Jed’s jingle for a dog food commercial #TheBacheloretteFinale

12. jed: “i signed a deal with a dog food company.”

all of america:

13. Hannah’s mom realizing her daughter is about to pick a unemployed f**k boy over TYLER #TheBacheloretteFinale

14. When Hannah’s parents meet Tyler vs when they meet Jed #TheBachelorette

15. the final two. #TheBacheloretteFinale

16. “Jed will you accept this rose?” Everyone watching: #TheBachelorette

17. Me trying to be happy for Hannah if she ends up with Jed #TheBachelorette

18. #bachelornation females running to board their Delta flights after finding out what really went down in the windmill #thebachelorette