22 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelorette’s Most Wanted Elimination and That Windmill Again


The moment that all of Bachelor Nation and the world were waiting for happened Monday night (July 15) on The Bachelorette. Luke P. has left the building. Or has he?

After sharing with Hannah that sex should be saved for marriage and that if she had sex with the other guys he’d be gone, Luke P got the boot. But not before getting blasted by Hannah for telling her what she can and can’t do with her body. Sorry Luke, but you had it coming.

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Needless to say, the internet celebrated the departure of Luke. A departure that Bachelor Nation wanted from episode 1. That is, until the preview aired with Luke coming back. What??? We’ll have to wait until next week to see Hannah and the guys give Luke the boot once and for all.

However, there was more to Monday’s episode beside Luke P. We all found out who the guy in the windmill was! It was Pilot Pete and all of social media lost their collective minds. Here are 20 hilarious Tweets about The Bachelorette’s latest episode.


1.Luke waiting for Hannah to finish speaking so he can tell her sex is a sin for the 700th time #TheBachelorette


3. Omg the windmill was with Peter. #TheBachelorette


5. Jed: How can you say you love me but keep this other guy around?

Jed’s girlfriend back home: #TheBachelorette

6. Luke and Jed thinking the other is the one who is toxic and not here for the right reasons. #TheBachelorette

7.* Hannah gets up from the table* * Jed follows her* Bachelorette camera man: #TheBachelorette

8. Everyone seeing that Hannah had sex with Jed #TheBachelorette

9. Anyone else relieved we haven’t heard Jed sing on this date? #TheBachelorette

10.Jed and Luke P next time they see each other: #TheBachelorette #fantasysuites

11. Tyler C: shares his heart and soul and walks away in his tiny mint shorts


12. You’re telling me that Hannah doesn’t wanna take Tyler C to the Fantasy Suite? I? Am? Confused? #thebachelorette

13. Luke P trying to back pedal every week like…. #TheBachelorette

14. Luke P: so let’s talk about sex

Bachelor Nation:

15. i don’t watch the bachelorette, i don’t know what’s going on, but i know we hate Luke P

16. Me dancing to Hannah sending Luke home: #TheBachelorette

17. Luke P – “Can we pray?”


18. Tyler C, Pilot Pete and Jed at the rose ceremony after they find out Luke got kicked to the curb!! #TheBachelorette

19. Jed, Tyler, and Pilot Pete when they walk into the rose ceremony and don’t see Luke P. #TheBachelorette

20. On next weeks episode! #TheBachelorette

21. When Tyler says, “Or what?” To Luke in next weeks preview.. #TheBachelorette

22. and that’s how it’s (finally) done. you’re welcome. #TheBachelorette