23 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor Part 1 Finale and Barb


With part 1 of The Bachelor season finale in our past and part 2 airing Tuesday March 10, we now know what Peter Weber is really feeling and his mother Barb doesn’t like it.

Bachelor Nation thought Barb was the hero of the season, but things took a turn in part 1 when Barb became the villain. That’s right! Barb was a big part of Monday night’s episode, when she tried to manipulate her son, Peter, into picking Hannah Ann.

And why? Because Peter likes to party and have sex and Madison wouldn’t sleep with her son. WHAT? We thought parents would love a woman who is saving herself for marriage. Not Peter’s parents. Peter’s mom actually sobbed at the thought of Peter being in love with Madison, who is a Bachelor Nation fave. What are they going to do with the wedding renewal photos that Madison is front and center in?

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At least Peter stood up to his mom, telling her she needed to stop and going for Madison anyway.  Yay Peter! Hopefully this means, he’ll make up his own mind and not have his mother tell him who to love. Either way, we find out on Tuesday night (March 10) when The Bachelor airs part 2 of the season finale, what will happen to Peter and Madison or Peter and Hannah Ann…and of course Barb.

The Twittersphere could not let this episode pass without it’s hilarious tweets about what went down and most especially about Barb. Here are 23 hilarious tweets about The Bachelor part 1 season finale.

1. Okay but has anyone realized that Chris Harrison and the host from the Hunger Games is basically the same person ?

2. The picture Peter framed for Madison vs. the one hidden in Barbara’s bedroom dresser #TheBachelor

3. peter trying to convince himself to marry hannah ann after madison left #TheBachelor

4. Well we found this season’s villain #TheBachelor

5. Never thought I’d see…um… whatever the opposite of slut-shaming is on #TheBachelor

6. Peter’s brother wondering how Peter’s gonna make it to Sunday mass at 7 am with Madi if he in da club and out line dancing till 2 am #TheBachelor

7. Literally the only car I can picture Madison driving at this point #TheBachelor

8. Let’s all say a quick prayer for the girl that ends up having to deal with peters mom the rest of her life. #TheBachelor

9. I wanna see Madi’s dad and Peter’s mom throw down #TheBachelor

10. Me still trying to figure out how it can still be Peter and Hannah Brown at the end of this #TheBachelor

11. When this guy pulled up I thought for sure Peter and Hannah Ann got sucked into Jumanji #TheBachelor

12. Barbara a year from now looking back at the photos from their vow renewal ceremony and seeing Maddie in the photos #thebachelor

13. Barb: Madison is too religious. You two aren’t on the same levels.

Also Barb: Hannah Ann is an angel. I spoke to God and he said she’s the one.

Excuse me, what? #TheBachelor

14. So youre telling me… the villian this whole season was BARBRA? #TheBachelor

15. Now I understand why Peter has been manipulated by crying women all season long #TheBachelor

16. Raise your hand if you feel you’ve been personally victimized by Barbara #TheBachelor

17. Peter’s Brother: “Do you think you could do the whole ‘no sex until married’ thing?”

Peter: “Yes.”

Peter’s Brother:

18. Producers: okay crew, this is the pinnacle. Madison is going to drop a bomb, where should we set up?

Also Producers: this mosquito patch should be a PERFECT spot. #TheBachelor

19. Hannah Ann showing up not knowing a thing about what all went down with Madison #TheBachelor

20. I fear for Madison’s well-being if she and Peter end up together. If she goes missing, I’m blaming this one. #TheBachelor

21. Meanwhile, Kelley is watching Barb lose all control of her emotions on #TheBachelor and realizing she’s the true winner for not making it to this point on the show

22. imagine marrying into a family where this is how your mother in law reacts to the very idea of you #TheBachelor

23. Congrats to all the women who didn’t receive the rose. This would have been y’all’s future. #TheBachelor