18 Hilarious Tweets About ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere With Peter Weber

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With a new year comes a new season of The Bachelor and this year was no different. Peter Weber, aka Pete the Pilot, became the man of the hour as he began his search for love in the new season of The Bachelor Monday night (Jan. 6).

With 30 women gathered to fight for Peter’s affections, we had to know that there would be no shortage of tears. And it’s only the first episode. We can’t imagine how these girls will react when they actually spend time with the guy.  But we digress.

The premiere episode introduced us to a cattle rancher, a foster parent recruiter, a model and an attorney, among others. The ladies did what they had to in order to get Peter’s attention and it worked out for some, including the recipient of the first impression rose, Hannah Ann. But Kelley (the lawyer) had the ladies against her when she apparently cheated at the obstacle course, winning a solo flight with Pete the Pilot.

However, it was Madison, who got the first solo date. Peter took the women he barely knew to meet his entire family at his parents vow renewal ceremony. That’s quite a first date. We weren’t the only ones who had some critiques of the show, Twitter showed up with some hilarious Tweets to recap the premiere of Peter Weber as The Bachelor.

1. “Hannah Ann looks so cute in her modeling photo #TheBachelor

2. Bachelor producers when Peter asks Hannah to join the house #TheBachelor

3. “imagine peter and maddison coming out for their personal concert and seeing this #TheBachelor”

4. Notice that all three flights attendants got booted i am hollering #TheBachelor

5. “It wouldn’t be #TheBachelor without a random childhood trauma flashback!”


6. “When you happen to be at the same hotel as #TheBachelor  before the season starts”

7. “That moment in every season of #TheBachelor when someone who has had absolutely no screen time speaks and everyone is like..”

8. “This week on #TheBachelor

9. “They can afford all these extravagant dates on #TheBachelor but they couldn’t afford to get Hannah some waterproof mascara???”

10. “#TheBachelor drinking game: drink every time someone says “copilot””

11. “Kelley going through the obstacle course and “winning” #bachelor #bachelor2020

12. “Madison catching the bouquet #TheBachelor”

13. “Me every time “Hannah Ann” speaks #TheBachelor

14. “Ill never understand how in the same night how the bachelor/bachelorette remembers all 30 names for the rose ceremony.”

15. “Hannah when her agent keeps sending her to the set of #TheBachelor”

16. “Madison running away with it this season of #TheBachelor

17. “The Bachelor literally made a sob story about Victoria P. throwing up on the tcup ride are you serious.”

18. “when Hannah Ann gave Peter the painting #thebachelor