20 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor’s Fantasy Suite Dates

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As we near the end of season 24 of The Bachelor with Peter Weber, the final three ladies—Victoria F., Madison and Hannah Ann— head to the ever popular fantasy suite date.

The fantasy suite date has been a time of much apprehension. Should they or shouldn’t they? If you recall, on Hannah Brown’s season, Luke P. practically forbade Hannah from sleeping with other men. Obviously, she wasn’t having it.

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Now, Madison, who revealed she was saving herself for marriage, couldn’t go further in the relationship if Peter had relations with the other women on the show. Sounds reasonable enough right? If you were about to become engaged to a man, you wouldn’t want him sleeping with other women weeks before. However it is The Bachelor and  that’s just what they do. Turns out, Peter was intimate with the other ladies. Madison stood her ground and walked away and Twitter had a few things to say about the whole season and the precarious fantasy suite dates.

Here are 20 hilarious tweets about The Bachelor’s fantasy suite dates.

1. “The feeling when you realize you have to see Victoria for another week on #TheBachelor

2. “Watching #pilotpete try to navigate this season of #TheBachelor”

3. “The producers making the girls live together and also making Madison wait until the last fantasy suite. #TheBachelor

4. “Bachelor producers to Hannah Ann: “We’ll let you take this steamy make out sesh behind closed doors, but you’re gonna have to do the titanic sex hand thing.” #TheBachelor”

5. “A little preview of peters marriage with Victoria f #TheBachelor

6. “Victoria F: “My hometown date went really well” … Um, did we watch the same hometown date???”

7. ““All your favorites are back” ….. lol have you seen this season what favorites #thebachelor

8. “The real tragedy tonight was the amount of layers this man was wearing #TheBachelor

9. “Narrator: Hannah Ann and Victoria agreed that the kangaroo costumes were money well spent as they eavesdropped on Peter and Madi”

10. “I think he needs another knock to the head. #TheBachelor

11. “Peter: “Victoria, I trust you. I have your back”.

Literally Everyone:

12. “When you realize that you jeopardized everything for thirty seconds forty seconds max”


13. “Peter: Famous for having sex with Hannah B in a windmill last season.

Madison: Waits until the Fantasy Suites to tell Peter she’s uncomfortable with premarital sex.”

14. “The producers pitching Peter for the #Bachelor: Now this is a man we can break.”

15. “Hannah Ann coming back in the room from her overnight like:”

16. “All of America when Peter told Victoria she had nothing to work on #TheBachelor

17. “The real best couple on #TheBachelor”

18. “Realizing you only have a gaslighter and a Sonic waitress left. #TheBachelor.

19. “I didn’t know Victoria F was also invited on Madison’s one on one #TheBachelor.”

20. “Damn the viewers sure are done with this season of immaturity #TheBachelor