21 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelor’s Newest Feud and Poor Vocabulary

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As Peter continued his quest for love on The Bachelor Monday (Jan. 20) night, the feud between Kelsey and Hannah Ann took a back seat to the new feud between Sydney and Alayah. And it wouldn’t be The Bachelor without a go fight.

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In the latest episode Sydney took it upon herself to tell Peter that Alayah wasn’t there for the right reasons. But let’s be honest, is anyone on a TELEVISION show to find love for the right reasons? But I digress. Sydney thought Alayah was being fake and would put on an act when the camera’s came on. She is a Miss America contestant after all. Alayah denied it and tried to express her sincere feelings to Peter. First, Peter believed Sydney, but  then he talked to Alayah and believed her. Then Peter talked to Victoria P, who also sold out Alayah , and Peter then believed Victoria P. So naturally, Peter went back to confront Alayah and that didn’t go well. That’s when Peter started an all out investigation, questioning all the ladies about Alayah. And guess what? They all sold her out. Get rid of the competition right?

In the end, Peter went with the women and eliminated Alayah from the show. However, his heart didn’t feel right about it. Cue the previews….Alayah is baaack! We’ll just have to wait until next week to see what happens.

In addition to the feud, a few blunders on the show stood out, leading viewers to believe that the women didn’t really know their vocabulary. While speaking to the camera, Kiara called lingerie, Linger-y and Hannah Ann called a fiasco, a finasco. And boy did Twitter take notice, pointing out that the ladies may not need a man this season, but perhaps a little more education.

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Here are 21 hilarious tweets from The Bachelor and his women.

1. “Is Peter a pilot or something? They haven’t really made it clear #TheBachelor

2. “Colin is convinced that they keep adding new girls to the house when no one is watching #TheBachelor”

3. “Demi making all the girls beat the shit out of each other on a date so Peter can end up with Hannah #TheBachelor

4. “shout out to whoever writes the subtitles on #thebachelor

5. “Sydney carrying her date rose around is an iconic power move. #TheBachelor

6. “Peter: If anyone’s here for the camera, please leave #TheBachelor”

7. “Still more exciting than Peter’s pool party. #TheBachelor

8. “Ashley P. Minding her own business at the pool party as the drama unfolds #TheBachelor

9. “What an actual pool party looks like vs Peter’s pool party #TheBachelor

10. “Why does Natasha always accept her rose like this? #TheBachelor

11. “Me every five seconds while watching #thebachelor

12. “All the girls on their way to tell Peter that Alayaah is fake #TheBachelor

13. “Amazing poker face. #TheBachelor

14. “So we still gon act like she didn’t say “lingery””

15.  Alayah: I didn’t want anyone to know we knew each other because I didn’t want us getting disqualified

The bachelor:

16. “The Bachelor episode 3 with no context #TheBachelor

17. “Mykenna every time Peter said a name that wasnt hers. #TheBachelor

18. “These poor girls don’t need a husband, they need to go back to school. LINGER-Y? FANASCO? And if they say ‘like’ or ‘literally’ again, I’m going to like literally lose my goddamn mind #TheBachelor

19. “Peter’s next date with the women #TheBachelor

20. “#TheBachelor producers booking Chase Rice knowing he and Victoria dated”

21. “Me at work today after staying up too late reading #TheBachelor live tweets”