25 Hilarious Tweets About The Bachelorette Finale and Jed Wyatt

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It’s over! The Bachelorette ended Hannah Brown’s season with a bang on Tuesday night (July 30) during the second part of the season finale.

To everyone’s dismay, Hannah chose musician Jed Wyatt, who admittedly joined the show to advance his music career, over the sweet, sensitive and respectful, Tyler Cameron. After she broke Tyler’s heart by telling him that this wasn’t it, Bachelor Nation lost it’s proverbial mind. That meant that the last man standing was Jed Wyatt. Unbeknownst to Hannah, the world saw what Jed had done to a previous girlfriend before coming on the show, so needless to say, he wasn’t a fan first choice.

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However, Hannah heard the news shortly after they were engaged and took steps to remedy the situation. She broke up with Jed and all was right with the world once again. The break up played out on the season finale, as only The Bachelorette can do, and Hannah left the door open for a second chance with Tyler C.

That didn’t stop the Twitterverse from sharing some hilarious Tweets. Here are 26 hilarious Tweets about The Bachelorette finale, oh and Jed Wyatt.

1. Hannah: *picks Jed instead of Tyler*

All of America:

2. Me knowing Hannah is going to end things with Tyler

3. Bachelor nation on their way to Tyler C’s DMs

4. me knowing i have to watch jed play that damn guitar again

5. Jed’s family watching Hannah choose him:

6. The moment everybody groaned

7. How I feel seeing Jed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

8. Just wondering when Steve Harvey going to walk out and tell us that there was a mistake and Hannah picked the wrong guy.

9. The moment you realize you have to tell your girlfriend you have a fiancé

10. Listening to Jed sing again…

11. you know who wouldn’t be singing tone deaf jingles to me for the rest of my married life

12. Bachelor Nation getting ready to say goodbye to Jed Wyatt


14. jed scrambling to write the perfect song to get him out of this mess

15. Luke P when he hears about this drama

16. Someone’s starting to sound like Luke P 🤭🤔

17. Ladies and Gentleman we have a new villain that all of America is soon going to start hating even MORE

18. Jed when he realizes this is going to destroy his “music career”…

19. how hannah looks picking jed

20. I want to take those little bracelets off his wrist and slingshot them into his eyeballs

21. Even Neil Lane wants her to rip that ring off her finger.

22. Jed’s parents: Jed isn’t ready for this

Hannah’s parents: Jed isn’t ready for this

Hannah: *is shocked and appalled when Jed isn’t ready*

23. Jed did a REALLY bad job of demonstrating that this “wasn’t just about his music”

24. me finding out Jed got his ass DUMPED

25. SPOILET ALERT: the guy who said he was here for his music career turns out to only be here for his music career.

26. Moral of the story: listen to your momma